The Anandita - Dining area design


“Through The Keyhole: The Anandita.”, Published February 5th, 2019.
“For a tranquil Indonesian escape, meet the highly praised Anandita Villa.” The Anandita,, Edition December 2017.
“In addition to its stunning oceanfront location and lush tropical gardens, the villa stands out for its stylish interiors, which combine elegant Asian design with inspiring artwork and modern comforts while flowing seamlessly onto the outdoors.” The Anandita, Luxury Accommodations, Edition November 2014.
“The emerald green lawns wind around soaring coconut palms and stretch all the way down to a picture-perfect white sand beach, a quiet spot which is effectively your very own private beachfront.” The Anandita, My Lombok, Edition August 2014.
“Ampersand has recently returned from a research tour of Lombok & the Gili Islands and have one thing to say: GO NOW!.” Top 10 Luxury Lombok, Ampersand, Thursday, 8 May 2014.
“Treat yourself to an idyllic getaway on the beautiful island of Lombok.” Review: The Anandita Villa in Lombok, Life Style Asia, published March 1, 2013.
“Mewah, hening nan stylish, Livingetc telah memilih tiga hotel ‘pelarian’ terbaik di Pulau Lombok.” Lombok Isolation, Livingetc, Edition November 2012.
“Access all areas with a card that fits your status and lifestyle. This month, we show you how becoming part of the Visa Infinite family will ensure a most memorable vacation.” Step Out with Visa, The Peak Singapore, Edition April 2012.
“Enough dreaming. Welcome to The Anandita, a four-bedroom, castaway-chic villa on Lombok that summons the sea breezes and the rhythm of the waves but embargos all thoughts of work.” The Anandita, The Asia Villa Guide, First Edition 2011.
“Despite its proportions, The Anandita feels like a family home. Elegant enough for couples or groups, it is also easily transformed into a family holiday house. There is nothing precious about it. Simple and timeless, the real strength of this villa is that the world and time recede completely when you are here. It is a shining example of classic, modern architecture and Lombok at its best.” A MODERN CLASSIC. THE ANANDITA, Fine Restaurants and Villas, Edition 4.6 April – May’08.
“The Anandita Villa; Treat yourself to Paradise.” Escape Magazine
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